Regular Meetup Friday Mornings

The ‘So Make It‘ group in Southampton are a group of enthusiasts who have workshop facilities at Unit F, Liners Industrial Estate, Pitt Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 3FQ.

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Keen to get a men’s shed in Southampton they have created this website and one of their retired members Mark Austin is opening on Friday mornings so those interested can either come along for free to check out the workshop and even get stuck in straight away!

The workshop is typically open from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm every Friday. For more information on rules, infrastructure and equipment at the workshop please see our wiki page here.

One of the things taken from the recent meeting was that it is a massive effort to set up a men’s shed so having the existing infrastructure in place for us to use means things can take off with a flying start!

It is everybody’s hope that once a small group is meeting up regularly they can perhaps open up on other days and make full use of the workshop during the week (when it is mostly unused)




Southampton needs a Men’s Shed!

Join us at 8pm on 11th July at Freemantle and Shirley community centre (Sweet Eve) at 8pm (please arrive no earlier than 7:30pm) to discuss the posibility of starting a Men’s Shed in Southampton. If there is enough interested people willing to help run the project, this could have massive potential and do great things for the community!

For more information about Men’s Sheds, please visit